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Just a family trying to get by in the universe and make their world a better place, but as life does sometimes… it’s has other plans.
Meet the Orbitz Family
Meet Oort, 1st family unit. A constantly frustrated alien with a sense of honor and delusion of being an admiral of his planets star fleet. Learn more about him in my new comic book. You can order it in the link below.
Meet Aurora, 2nd Family Unit (In all reality the 1ST). A calm, level headed and loving mother. A voice of reason and the keeper of peace in this family unit. Also, very talented healer(Doctor).

Meet Ion, 3rd family unit. A good natured kid and a easy go-lucky kid. He loves anything fuzzy from animals, blankets, stuffed animal blankets, etc.. You can learn more about Ion in The Family Orbitz comic book. See link in the below.

Meet So-lar, 4th family unit. A determined genius that wants to take over the world. He has a pet fish that services as his conscience to his annoyance. You can learn more about his in my new comic book. To purchase the book see link in the below.
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The Family Orbitz is a creation by Charles Davenport (Written and Illustrated by Charles Davenport) 2020-2024 ™️®️©️